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A Guide to American Football Basic for Beginners

American football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the US, with millions of Americans converging to watch the NFL Super Bowl annually. Besides the massive fan base in its country of origin, it also has millions of fans worldwide.

Despite its global appeal, many people still find American football quite confusing. This could be because the game looks quite different from other popular sports such as soccer, basketball, and hockey. That is especially the case for international fans and beginners, as they might find the game’s rules quite complex.

Because of its popularity, the NFL, the pro league, is one of the most contested leagues, with avid pundits placing millions of dollars worth of bets by taking advantage of promotions like the Everyday casino welcome bonus. If you’re one of those who findS American football confusing, this article is for you. Here is a breakdown of the NFL matches.

1. The aim of the game

In American Football, the aim is to score points by getting the ball into the other team’s end zone. This can be done by either running with the ball there, kicking it through the goalposts, or catching a pass here, a move worth 3 points.

Each team has four downs, or chances, to move the ball 10 yards forward. If they don’t manage to do so, then the other team gets a chance to play. In the end, the team that scores the most points wins the match.

2. Positions and players

American Football is played between two teams, and each side has 11 players. Team players are divided to serve different positions. Those posts include:

Quarterback: The quarterback position is perhaps the most popular position in this league. He is the one who leads the offense and is also tasked with passing or running the ball.

Running backs: The running back is the player who runs with the ball behind the quarterbacks.


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