Panthers’ big offseason thing: Build around QB Bryce Young


Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz looks at the one big thing for Carolina’s offseason – surround their young quarterback with talent to help him grow.

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JASON FITZ: It’s time to take a look at one big thing facing the Carolina Panthers this offseason. And that big thing is a little man– Bryce Young. Obviously, we know that everything fell apart for the Panthers last year. And let’s stress, because of the trades that they made in the draft, they don’t have the capital to easily address that this year in this year’s draft. I don’t remember the last time we saw a team this bad that doesn’t have an easy-out to fix it in the draft. Because, again, the Bears are picking first in the draft because of their trade with Carolina.

So now you’ve got to figure out can Dave Canales, who was a bit of a savior for Baker Mayfield, can he have the same impact on Bryce Young? Because let’s be real. Bryce Young is no longer just going to be in a conversation about Bryce Young. CJ Stroud was absolutely historic last year, which means every single time CJ Stroud plays well and Bryce Young doesn’t, there will be a louder conversation.

Now, is Bryce the type to let that get into his head? I don’t think so. I think he’s really good at shutting off the noise, at least in my interactions with him around college football. But this is different. How do they build around him? How do they shut out that noise around him? How do they bring out the best of him? How do they find a way to make Bryce Young great? The danger we all take as fans and organizations, if you watch your favorite team go out and pick a quarterback first overall, the biggest risk you take is if you are wrong, it sets your team back for five to 10 years. The Panthers right now look like they may have been wrong. And the big thing that they’ll have to answer is how they salvage this and get the best out of a player that absolutely has to be great if they want any shot at winning any time soon.

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